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Wrong decision

I am a Catholic, pro-life, breast cancer survivor. I wore a pink, wool scarf all week long in honor of the city’s “Paint the Town Pink” campaign. I quit after hearing on NBC about the reinstated money Komen for Cure made to Planned Parenthood.

If you in the media/propaganda business wish to write the truth and continue to use the expression anti-abortion, complete the title “anti-abortion, anti-death penalty, anti-euthanasia,” or as you are so fond of using initials and desirous of referring to us as the negative sounding anti “The Anti APDE Group.” Perhaps your reasoning for not using our preferred title “pro-life” would require you to refer to our opposition as “pro-death?” Of those thousands, perhaps millions of people who reacted so immediately to the Komen for Cancer change of heart, some may have had an abortion. May I tell these dear sisters of ours about Project Rachel and that the aborted child loves you and that we do also.
Elaine Wagner