The People’s Quill: Within Me

Published 4:04 pm Saturday, February 4, 2012

Contradictions that we have within ourselves and still having hope.

Within Me

By Gabrielle Drake

I am confused and lost; a broken soul.

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I wonder what the costs are to reach my mountainous goal.

I hear people talking, wonder what I am going to do with my life.

I see myself wandering in a sea of pain and strife.

I want to float away.

I am frozen, stuck; afraid to go, afraid to stay.


I pretend to be happy and paint on a face.

I feel lonely, like I’m boxed in, in a repeating space.

I touch the ice that separates them from me.

I worry about the passions that burn inside, longing to be set free.

I cry for the souls that are flying above, soaring and then gone.

I am burning, wandering; afraid to let go, afraid to hold on.


I understand that I can break the glass.

I say that’s what I want now, but let it pass.

I dream of blue skies and cloudless days.

I try to reach for the sun to touch it’s rays.

I hope for the day that I can be one with the spirit.

I am a alive, free; not afraid of the unknown, I don’t fear it.


I am a person starting a new life on my own.