Man charged with cocaine possession

Published 6:03 pm Saturday, February 25, 2012

An Austin man who allegedly possessed cocaine and drug-related paraphernalia was charged in Mower County Court Friday.

Michael Rand, 57, faces one count of fifth degree drug possession, a felony.

Rand was arrested for fifth-degree controlled substance violation after officers went to his home at the 800 block of 10th Avenue SW to serve a warrant, according to the court complaint. Officers noticed Rand get up, answer the phone and try to leave the residence while they were outside. According to Rand, someone alerted him that police were outside, the complaint states.

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Officers asked Rand if another man they were looking for was at the residence just after midnight Thursday. Rand allegedly told police they could search the home. While inside, officers noticed a blue scale, which Rand allegedly said was used for weighing marijuana.

Officers heard a noise coming from the basement and Rand told them they could search the basement. In the basement, officers found a meth pipe and a dinner plate with a substance that later tested positive for cocaine, McKichan said. Officers than executed a search warrant at Rand’s residence and found marijuana residue, a notebook with names and dollar amounts, sandwich bags and two small bags of cocaine, according to the complaint.

Rand’s next court appearance is set for March 8.

—Trey Mewes and Amanda Lillie contributed to this report.