Attend caucuses

Published 10:43 am Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Minnesota finally gets its turn in the national spotlight. Presidential candidates are hopping around the state today.

Be sure to attend your local caucus on Tuesday. Take part in America.

No matter your precinct, party members from the entire county will meet as one, then be split into groups in the building based on precincts.

GOP Caucuses:

LeRoy Community Center

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Precincts at this location: Clayton, Bennington, Lodi, LeRoy and Taopi

Racine City Hall

Precincts at this location: Pleasant Valley, Racine, Grand Meadow and Frankford

Mower County Senior Center

Precincts at this location: Austin, Austin Township, Lansing, Udolpho, Red Rock, Waltham, Dexter, Sargeant, Mapleview, Brownsdale, Lyle, Nevada, Windom, Adams, Marshall, Rose Creek and Elkton

Democratic Caucuses

El Parral, Austin. Precincts at this location: All precincts