Pillowcases remind soldiers of home

Published 11:17 am Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Some of the soldiers who received pillowcases from Lori Nelson pose for a photo at Camp Buehring in Kuwait. Front row from left are Cpl. Chris Jones, Sgt. Michael Erickson and Sgt. Trevor Nelson. Back row from left are Staff Sgt. Dustin Eggum, Spc. David Jones, 1st Lt. Joseph Kelly, Sgt. Collin Anderson and Spc. Jeff Liebl.

CAMP BUEHRING, Kuwait — The mom of a soldier has again sent handmade and embroidered pillowcases to her son and some of his friends who are deployed.

Lori Nelson, mother of Sgt. Trevor Nelson, sewed pillowcases and had them embroidered with nicknames for Trevor and his friends who are deployed in Kuwait.

Lori Nelson, of Alden, is the mom of Sgt. Trevor Nelson. His last deployment to Iraq was with Charlie Company, and Lori just happened to find some camouflage fabric while shopping one day and decided to make it into pillowcases.

“That time we used last names,” Lori said.

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For this deployment to Kuwait, Lori found a different color camouflage and had nicknames embroidered for the soldiers.

“I wanted something that would be personal,” Lori said. “Having it embroidered makes it even more special.”

Trevor is a senior sniper team leader. He asked the snipers what names they’d like on their pillowcases. Every soldier seems to have a nickname, so they went with those. Trevor’s nickname is Treasure, Staff Sgt.

Dustin Eggum’s nickname is Da Egg and there are others including Fargo Kid and The Element.

“It’s amazing,” Eggum said. “I like the different pattern.”

Other soldiers to get pillowcases this time include Spc. David Jones, Spc. Jeff Liebl, Sgt. Michael Erickson, Cpl. Chris Jones, Sgt. Collin Anderson and 1st Lt. Joseph Kelly, among a few others who weren’t available to interview.

“Trevor’s mom rocks,” Anderson said. “This is my second pillowcase; I still use my first one.”

Lori said it can be hard to find things to send to soldiers because they have access to food, snacks and some other luxuries being on a base the size of Camp Buehring.