Petition declares ‘no confidence’ in Superintendent Dusso

Published 3:01 pm Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Lyle residents concerned with the school district’s Superintendent and Principal Jim Dusso are circulating a “no confidence” petition around town.

The petition, written by a group of parents, grandparents and other residents, calls on the Lyle Public School board to let Lyle Superintendent Jim Dusso’s contract expire when it comes up in January.

Dusso, Lyle’s Principal for the past three years, was hired as superintendent in May after former superintendent Jerry Reshetar resigned.

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Organizers say they have worked on the petition for almost a week, and though there’s no total on how many signatures they’ve collected, they plan to present the “no-confidence” petition to the board tonight. The board reportedly denied several residents the opportunity to speak at this month’s meeting, organizers say.

Dusso’s leadership has been mired in controversy since before his appointment as superintendent. Many residents have stepped forward with concerns over Dusso amid rumors about Dusso’s actions in front of students, staff and parents.

Residents are torn over Dusso’s tenure and critics and supporters alike have made their views known at board meetings in recent months. The board has come under fire for their support of Dusso in recent months.

Former board member Scott Nelson resigned last month as his family is moving to Austin. The board is expected to address the vacancy.

The board adjourned early at September’s meeting after board member Dan King tried to read from a letter addressed to him by the board taking him to task for his outspoken beliefs about Dusso.