Fiebigers deliver on defense for BP

Published 7:29 pm Thursday, November 17, 2011

Weston, right, and older brother Alex Fiebiger are part of a Blooming Prairie defense that has helped hold opposing offenses and their run games throughout the season. -- Eric Johnson/

BLOOMING PRAIRIE — Before this season, the last time Blooming Prairie football players Weston Fiebiger and Alex Fiebiger played football together, it was in their parent’s driveway.

Weston, a sophomore now, was the quarterback, and Alex, a senior, was the wide receiver.

“He used to throw it to me up and down our driveway, but things have changed a little bit,” Alex said.

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Things have changed a lot for the Fiebiger brothers as they now line up together on the defensive side of the ball for BP and they’re about to change even more when the Awesome Blossoms (11-1 overall) head to the Metrodome to play Dawson-Boyd (12-0 overall) in the Class ‘A’ state semifinals Saturday at 10:15 a.m.

Throughout this season, Alex, who starts on the offensive line and defensive line, has given BP a big boost at defensive end as he’s racked up 85 tackles and 6.5 sacks. Weston, who has 44 tackles, learned the linebacker position throughout the season and he came through with a big interception in last week’s win over Lester Prairie-Holy Trinity.

While it’s tough to be in the starting lineup as a sophomore when there’s 14 seniors on the team, Weston has gotten a little extra help from his big brother.

“If I do something a little wrong on the field, he’s the first on to come up to me and say shake it off,” Weston said. “It’s nice to have someone close out there.”

Weston has picked up the responsibility of covering receivers and watching the run and it’s a balance that he’s beginning to master.

“There aren’t a lot of players that are able to do both,” BP head coach Chad Gimbel said. “His maturation this year has been incredible. He has always been a smart player, to the X and O side of it he has gotten, but what has come along the most has been his physical play. He has really laid some big hits on opponents this year.”

Alex was wreaking havoc in LPHT’s backfield throughout BP’s 35-34 win last Friday. He was a key factor in slowing down the option attack and he’ll be crucial against Dawson-Boyd’s rushing attack on Saturday.

“Alex is aggressive and he can hold the point of attack, but his speed also allows him to run QB’s and RB’s down from behind,” BP head coach Chad Gimbel said. “He has had a ton of big sacks or defensive stops on short yardage situations.”

While the Fiebigers are crucial to BP’s defensive success, they also contribute to BP’s football team in other ways. It’s rare to see either of them without having them smile or laugh and that attitude has helped strengthen the bond for the Blossoms.

“They both always have a smile on their face and seems like they are always in a good mood,” Gimbel said. “They both give you everything they got and they would do anything for anybody. They are such great kids.”

No matter how BP’s season ends, it will be the last time Alex and Weston are playing high school football together. They’re glad it will be in the Metrodome and it’s a year they’ll look back upon fondly.

“I think it’s awesome that I’ve got a chance to play with my little brother,” Alex said. “I never had a chance to (play with him) before, but he’s finally getting up there and he’s starting to play pretty well.”