Welcoming family

Published 5:00 pm Saturday, October 29, 2011

“But when all you do comes out of nothingness, then you have everything…that is what we mean by naturalness.” — Zen Master Shunryu Suzuki


Skyler was home for a few days from college and then heading back with a friend. It was nice to have Skyler around. Tuesday we lunched at the Vietnamese Restaurant. We forgot to pour the interesting cup of liquid on our noodles at first. The waiter let us know that the cup of liquid was for the noodles. That was tasty.

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The waiter had spent time in Da Nang and I said that I spent some time in Duc Pho. There’s big difference in size between the two places.

Then we were on our way to Sprint where Skyler was able to acquire a replacement iPhone. Then we were back home to see how the dogs were doing. I told Skyler we needed to get back and let the dogs out, but Skyler reminded me that they were in the back yard.

He was also concerned that I got confused watching the World Series. I think the last game was the first game I watched during the season. My interest in any kind of television has faded.

Sky also helped rake the front yard of leaves before catching his ride back. The ride brought back memories of going back to Mankato State on Sunday nights and the time the roommates put my rollaway bed out on the sidewalk.

I suppose the day will come when students will get up in the morning and do everything with the help of their iPhone as I search for a ribbon for two or three of my typewriter’s. Perhaps the ribbons are no more.

If you live on this block or nearby, you have probably recognized there’s more than occasional barking. Fred hunts for squirrels and Mello prefers to harass Fred and vice versa. Much of the time Echo the cat checks in on them, Ptolome, the other cat, hides away.

I hope everybody is grateful for the beautiful fall weather that was spent here; however, I’m suspicious of what’s coming next.