Teen arrested for possession of synthetic marijuana

Published 3:55 pm Tuesday, October 11, 2011

An 18-year-old was cited for possessing synthetic marijuana after he was stopped over a malfunctioning license plate light Friday morning.

Dylan Leeper was arrested for driving after revocation, underage consumption of alcohol, possessing drug paraphernalia and possessing synthetic marijuana, according to Police Chief Brian Krueger.

Police stopped Leeper at about 3:10 a.m. Friday after noticing his rear license plate light was out and the driver seemed to purposefully hide his face, according to police reports.

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Leeper’s license was previously revoked, Krueger said. He told police when they stopped him that he had a marijuana pipe in his pockets. Officers also noticed Leeper smelled of alcohol.

Leeper’s probation officer asked police to place him on a 36-hour hold. Police also found 3 grams of K2, a type of synthetic marijuana, in the back of Leeper’s car.

K2 is legal to sell as long as people don’t consume it, Krueger said.