Gun permitting event Saturday

Published 11:00 am Friday, October 14, 2011

Area residents who have been aiming to get a permit to conceal and carry can pull the trigger this weekend.

The Cedar Valley Conservation Club is holding a Saturday class for those who want a permit. According to Jon Abel, certified firearms instructor and club member, more people should consider carrying a gun.

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“It’s meant for personal protection,” Abel said. “The people who don’t have a permit to carry are reaping the benefits of those that do carry.”

Abel said violent crime is less likely if potential criminals think their victim might be armed.

“Criminals don’t know who’s armed and who is not,” he said. “Criminals don’t want to get shot or hurt or killed either.”

Saturday’s class will include at least four or five hours in the classroom learning about gun safety from a book, according to Abel. Once everyone is well-versed in safe gun handling, they will practice shooting.

At the end of the day, class participants will get a certificate to obtain their permits. Abel said the certificates are cleared with Florida, so people can get both a Minnesota and Florida permit. Because of the difference in Minnesota and Florida laws, those with a Florida permit will be legally able to conceal and carry in about 17 more states than with just a Minnesota permit.

“Our certificates are cleared with Florida, and we try to keep it priced so we’re not gouging people,” Abel said. “Plus, they get a membership at the club. Then they have a place they can actually go and practice.”

Certificates are good for 12 months, Abel said. The price of the class for one person is $130, but for a couple it is $230.