City gets $33K for 2009 fire cleanup

Published 8:27 am Friday, October 21, 2011

Loose financial ends stemming from a January 2009 downtown fire are finally getting tied up.

Austin’s Housing and Redevelopment Authority voted Wednesday to grant the city of Austin up to $33,000 as reimbursement for fire cleanup.

According to a memo from Assistant City Attorney Craig Byram to HRA board members, the city spent $145,000 cleaning up burned down properties and preparing them for future development. The city wasn’t able to recover all of the funds, but as part of a settlement, it will receive $20,000 and the fee title to the entire fire site.

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“This means that approximately $98,000 of the city’s expenditures on cleaning up the property and preparing it for future development remain uncovered,” the memo from Byram states. “In a time of tight budgets, this is a difficult time to take a loss of that magnitude.”

Byram said the city is hoping to partner with the HRA, Main Street Project and the Port Authority for reimbursement costs and to redevelop the fire site.