Winona man charged with stealing park ATV, tractor

Published 10:44 am Thursday, September 15, 2011

A 21-year-old Winona man faces six felonies for allegedly stealing an ATV and tractor from the Todd Park shop.

Kyle Jay Nelton-Gilow was charged Tuesday in Mower County District Court. His charges include second-degree burglary of a government building, third-degree burglary, first-degree property damage and three counts of motor vehicle theft.

The incident in question took place around 11:30 p.m. on Friday, Aug. 5. Austin police responded to a call at Todd Park to find a Dodge Stratus with heavy damage on the rear end stuck in the sand near a swing-set, according to a court complaint. An ATV sat in front of the Stratus, also stuck in the sand.

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Samantha Jo Hegna, 22, told police she and Nelton-Gilow had been drinking at the park when Nelton-Gilow drove Hegna’s Stratus through the park without her permission. When the car got stuck in the sand, Nelton-Gilow reportedly left the area for some time, only to return riding an ATV. According to the court complaint, he tried to push the car out of the sand using the ATV, but only succeeded in getting the ATV stuck and damaging the swing-set and car.

About 15 minutes later, Nelton-Gilow returned driving a tractor with a mower attached to it. Hegna told police Nelton-Gilow tried to push the car out with the tractor, but the tractor caused the car to hit the ATV, which then crashed into the swing-set.

When police were searching the park the night of the incident, they found the Todd Park shop’s gate broken as though something had been driven through it. The north garage door was open, as well, with another ATV found running inside the garage, according to the court complaint.

Police located the tractor the morning of Aug. 6. It was located in the Superfresh parking lot, according to court documents.

The total park equipment damage estimate is $2,132.

Nelton-Gilow is scheduled to enter a plea on all six charges Sept. 22.