Hurm a finalist for Elk River post

Published 10:38 am Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Austin City Administrator Jim Hurm is being considered as one of the final four candidates vying for an open position as Elk River City Administrator.

Hurm also serves as Austin’s Housing and Redevelopment Authority executive director and the director of the Austin Port Authority.

Although Hurm will be interviewed by the Elk River City Council this Thursday, he said he loves his position in Austin.

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“I really do enjoy what I do,” he said. “I love my home. I love Austin.”

Hurm said there’s no particular reason he applied for the position in Elk River. He also said he doesn’t necessarily want to leave Austin.

Council member Roger Boughton said Hurm has been an asset to the city, and he hopes Hurm sticks with Austin.

“I would sure hate to see him go,” Boughton said. “He’s so involved in HRA, the port authority and the city. He’s really dedicated to the betterment of the city.”

Steve King, council member, said he will support Hurm’s choice whether he stays in Austin or leaves.

“Jim Hurm is an excellent city administrator,” King said. “He’s done Austin a world of good. It’s his right to seek out a different community if that’s what he chooses to do.”

Hurm and the other three candidates were chosen to be interviewed by the Elk River City Council out of 71 total applicants. An interim city administrator is serving Elk River in the meantime.

Hurm said, if nothing else, he hopes to learn from the upcoming interview experience.

“It’s not unlike other city administrators,” Hurm said. “You just have to keep your options open.”