2 plead not guilty to death threats, burglary

Published 11:22 am Monday, September 26, 2011

Two Austin residents who reportedly threatened death on the residents of a nearby home pleaded not guilty in Mower County District Court Thursday.

Diana Padilla, 39, and Robert Trevino, 41, face several criminal charges for allegedly attempting to break into the home, which is located within blocks of their residence.

Trevino pleaded not guilty to two counts of terroristic threats, obstructing legal process and fourth-degree property damage. Padilla also pleaded not guilty to one count of terroristic threats, fourth-degree property damage and obstructing legal process.

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Austin police Capt. Dave McKichan said Trevino and Padilla were throwing rocks at a residence in the 300 block of First St. SE the morning of Sunday, Sept. 11. The house occupants called police when the the duo allegedly tried to kick in the door to the house.

When police arrived, Trevino and Padilla could reportedly be heard yelling at the people in the house. McKichan said they were yelling that they were going to harm and kill them.

Officers took the two suspects into custody, and Trevino allegedly threatened to harm the arresting officer’s family. He also spit at the officer and tried to kick out the window bars in the squad car, McKichan said.

Eventually, police sprayed Trevino with mace and put a hood on him to prevent him from spitting more.

Both suspects are due in court for a jury trial beginning Jan. 9, 2012.