Hog Jog draws 129 runners

Published 8:14 pm Saturday, July 2, 2011

Runners head down Oakland Place NE at the start of this year's Hog Jog. - Eric Johnson/photodesk@austindailyherald.com

The Austin hog jog drew 129 runners and Eric Overby of Austin came out with the fastest time overall of 29 minutes and 29 seconds at the five-mile race in Austin Saturday.

Chrissy Monson of Albert Lea, who recently won a state title at in the 1600-meter run at the Class ‘A’ state track and field meet, won the female race with at time of 33:44

In the 15 and under group, Emily Mantor of Wells took first for the girls and Matt Jirele of Worthington took first.

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In the 16-24 age group, Emily Walk of Austin took first for the girls and Tim Erickson took first for the boys.

A group of runners leave the finish line area along East Side Lake of this year's Hog Jog. - Eric Johnson/photodesk@austindailyherald.com

In the 25-34 age group, Nicole Cizik of Austin took first for the women and Brandon Klocke of Hayfield took first for the men.

In the 35-44 age group, Shelly Thompson of Austin took first for the women and Anthony Pierre of Northfield took first for the men.

In the 45-54 age group, Kathy Stencel of Austin took first for the women and Tom Woo took first for the men.

In the 55-64 age group, Bonnie Rietz of Austin took first for th ewomen and Scott Richardson of Austin took first for the men.

In the 65 and older age group, Dave Dammen took first for the men.

Jeremy Welke of Austin runs with the pack on Oakland Place NE along East Side Lake during this year's Hog Jog. - Eric Johnson/photodesk@austindailyherald.com

Overall race results: Eric Overby (first, 29:29); Tim Erickson (second, 29:57); Zach Fadness (third, 30:31); Christian Folken (fourth, 30:51); Matt Jirele (fifth, 32:17); Tom Woo (sixth, 32:44); Trevor Conway (seventh, 33:10); Anthony Pierre (eighth, 33:18); Bob Jirele (ninth, 33:31); Kyle Dammen (10th, 33:32); Andrew Baker (11th, 33:32); Lucas Malimanek (12th, 33:34); Chrissy Monson (13th, 33:44); David Grano (14th, 33:44); Juan Carlos (15th, 34:30); Tony Muller (16th, 35:02); Nicole Cizik (17th, 35:07); Roger Vos (18th, 35:46); Emily Mantor (19th, 36:00); Ryan Larson (20th, 36:16); Emily Walk (21st, 36:22); Ryan Bonordin (22nd, 36:27); Gabriel Ramirez (23rd, 36:39); Doningo Ortiz (24th, 36:54); Andrea Renner (25th, 37:05); Jim Splinter (26th, 37:21); Brandon Klocke (27th, 37:32); Claire Zoellner (28th, 37:32); Scott Richardson (29th, 37:36); Madison Overby (30th, 37:50); Scott Lewis (31st, 38:05); Shelley Thompson (32nd, 38:25); Madeline Kraemer (33rd, 37:50); Randy Smith (34th, 38:31); Haley Splinter (35th, 38:35); Adelaido Ortiz (36th, 38:43); Dave Needham (37th, 39:00); Kyron Christopherson (38th, 39:09); Jason Schweizer (39th, 39:22); Benjamin Himebaugh (40th, 39:27); Sara Halverson (41st, 39:35); Mark Schaefer (42nd, 39:42); Michael Meeker (43rd, 39:45); Travis Hawley (44th, 39:46); Jesse Winsell (45th, 39:51); Dustin Wollenberg (46th, 40:04); Mike Conway (47th, 40:16); Deb Urick-Rasmussen (48th, 40:19); Randy Price (49th, 40:25); Robyn Dodds (50th, 41:32); Rachel Urick (51st, 41:55); Robert Maus (52nd, 41:56); Joseph Welke (53rd, 42:10); Dave Forman (54th, 42:30); Rachel Needham (55th, 42:36); Chad Soukup (56th, 42:42); Matt Juncker (57th, 43:01); Sarah Kahle (58th, 43:03); Jeremy Welke (59th, 43:11); Bonnie Shaw (60th, 43:16); Krista Kahle (61st, 43:31); Christy Richards (62nd, 43:37); Annie Avery (63rd, 43:42); Deidre Smith (64th, 43:50); Geoff Baker (65th, 44:00); Katelyn Rizzi (66th, 44:44); Brady Langemo (67th, 45:02); Jessica Cabeen (69th, 45:11); Becky Lubensky (70th, 45:18); Kathy Stencel (71st, 45:25); Grace Drees (72nd, 45:36); Kelly Drees (73rd, 45:40); Jason Branstrom (74th, 45:53); Amy Tweet (75th, 45:55); Micah Weber (77th, 45:59); Scott Weber (78th, 45:59); Randy Frey (79th, 46:10); Heather Rietz (80th, 46:16); Justin Rocheleau (81st, 46:17); Sarah Schmit (82nd, 46:24); Betsey Mentel (83rd, 46:47); Carl Truckermiller (84th, 46:54); Barb Ness (85th, 47:12); Samantha Marks (86th, 47:12); Kristi Baumann (87th, 47:16); Joe Kroc (88th, 47:18); Naomi Smith (89th, 47:49); Latia Childers (90th, 47:49); Spencer Klemm (91st, 48:18); Cazzi Wacholz (92nd, 48:26); Andrea Justice (93rd, 48:32); Natalie Baudler (94th, 48:34); Tom Baudler (95th, 48:34); Jenni Bratten (96th, 49:37); Sara Elvish (97th, 49:47); Bill Newman (98th, 39:59); Ashley Heiny (99th, 50:42); Paula Lambaere (100th, 50:47); Emily Hovland (101st, 50:48); Adalberto Reyes (102nd, 51:08); Arthur Polzin (103rd, 51:17); Carter Steichen (104th, 51:22); Michelle Johannsen (105th, 51:22); Dana Steichen (106th, 51:22); Tom Ogilvie (107th, 52:23); Bonnie Rietz (108th, 52:30); Tim Rietz (109th, 52:31); Jessie Schnieder (110th, 52:33); Joe Rysavy (111th, 52:44); Angie Kolker (112th, 53:40); Jiyoon Shin (113th, 54:11); Tracey Hansen (114th, 54:30); Amy Johnson (115th, 54:46); Laura Sheedy (116th, 55:44); Emily Rocheleau (117th, 56:13); Jenny Fort (118th, 56:23); Paul Ulviden (119th, 56:26); Katherine Foster (120th, 56:58); Lori Tauchnitz (121st, 57:17); Amanda Mattick (122nd, 58:01); Kayla Vande Zande (123rd, 58:01); Dave Dammen (124th, 1:00.16); April Grove (125th, 1:00.33); Alyssa Marlow (126th, 1:04.18); Lora Arens (127th, 1:04.26); Hannah Brandvold (128th, 1:04.26); Elizabeth Newman (129th, 1:07.43)