Freeborn-Mower has a bright idea

Published 6:03 am Friday, July 1, 2011

Freeborn-Mower Cooperative Servi­­­ces donates 4,00 bulbs to 4-H clubs. -- Photo provided

Project Green Light, an idea came up with by Alix Kermes and Sage Kermes, had it’s kickoff event June 25.

Photo provided

Freeborn Mower Cooperative Services donated 4,000 bulbs to 4-H clubs Freeborn County and Mower County. Around 700 people were involved in distributing the bulbs in the two counties. In return, 4-H members collected food items for the Salvation Army, $278 donations to the Salvation Army and recycled more than 1,400 bulbs.

Salvation Army was on hand to thank the 4-H members and Freeborn Mower Coop. Organizers hope to take their project to more coops and 4-H clubs in the state and beyond.

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For more details, contact Mary Nelson at Freeborn Mower Cooperative Services or Alix Kermes at 507-402-1565.