Mother gets 180-day jail sentence stayed for child endangerment

Published 10:27 am Wednesday, June 22, 2011

An Austin woman who housed her children in a home with no heat, water or garbage service during the winter was sentenced to two years probation Friday.

Oralia Alejandra Kalinchuk-Perez, 35, was convicted of neglect in Mower County District Court. She was sentenced to 180 days in jail stayed in exchange for two years probation. A second count of child endangerment was dismissed when Kalinchuk-Perez took a plea deal in April.

According to a court complaint, officers visited the woman’s home on Jan. 3 and found garbage scattered inside and outside, with flies infesting the kitchen and living room. Kalinchuk-Perez had been using the oven for heat because her heat and water had been shut off in the fall, she told officers. She had also lost garbage service in the fall, but got it back and was trying to clean up the house, she told investigators.

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Court documents report five children — ranging from months old to 16 years — lived with Kalinchuk-Perez.

Kalinchuk-Perez admitted she needed help getting the house back in order since she had been struggling to keep up with the mess, according to the court complaint.

According to a court complaint, two of the children were in protective custody, and three were staying with their father as of January.

Along with her probation sentence, Kalinchuk-Perez was instructed to contact the Parenting Resource Center to find out what kind of parenting services for which she may be eligible. She must also provide her probation officer ongoing verification that her garbage service has been paid.