Meet the new boss

Published 10:30 am Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Steven Rosenstone, Chancellor-designate for the Minnesota State Colleges and Universities, tours Riverland University Tuesday morning. With him is Kari Busch, Dean of Workforce Education. -- Eric Johnson/

Incoming MnSCU chancellor visits Riverland

The new boss paid Riverland Community College a visit and by all accounts, he liked what he saw.

Incoming Minnesota State Colleges and Universities System Chancellor Steven Rosenstone toured Riverland’s Austin campus Tuesday morning. Rosenstone, set to become MnSCU chancellor in August, is hoping to set foot in almost every MnSCU college and university before then.

Although Rosenstone was at the college for about a half-hour, he was pleasantly surprised at how well Riverland is doing.

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“It’s a spectacular program,” Rosenstone said. “It’s built some very important partnerships.”

Rosenstone said Riverland stands out in its partnerships with the community, especially with local businesses like Hormel, and credits Riverland President Terry Leas for his efforts.

“This is a really exciting opportunity to show off all of the things that make this campus,” Leas said.

Before accepting his position as MnSCU chancellor, Rosenstone was Vice President for Scholarly and Cultural Affairs at the University of Minnesota—Twin Cities.