Man faces charges for choke hold

Published 10:01 am Friday, June 10, 2011

An Austin man who allegedly dragged a woman around by the neck while keeping her in a choke hold faces four criminal charges in Mower County court.

Boundoeun Eun Sok, 29, pleaded not guilty Thursday in Mower County court to felony theft of a motor vehicle, DWI and two counts of domestic assault.

The incident in question happened around 11 p.m. on May 26. According to a court complaint, Sok and the woman were arguing because he wanted to use her vehicle and she would not give him the keys because he had been drinking. The argument progressed, and Sok allegedly threw the woman onto a bed, put her in a “choke hold” and dragged her by the neck from the kitchen to the bathroom.

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Sok eventually left in her vehicle and police pulled him over soon after he left the woman’s house.

Sok told police he “never touched her,” according to a court complaint. He admitted he had been drinking. He failed three field sobriety tests and had a blood alcohol content of 0.15 percent.

The woman’s father witnessed the incident and confirmed that Sok had put the woman in a choke hold and dragged her through the house. He told police he tried to intervene by pulling Sok’s arm off the woman’s neck.

The woman has since obtained a domestic abuse no contact order against Sok, according to court documents.

Sok’s jury trial is scheduled to begin Sept. 19.