A spring trip to bluff country

Published 11:00 am Sunday, June 12, 2011

You’ve got to know a lot about our past in order to know how to proceed successfully into the future.” — Sarah Palin

In Tuesday’s Star Tribune, there is mention that Palin appears to have said Paul Revere warned the British, when in fact he warned colonists about the British. I’ll just leave it at that.

Last Sunday we drove to Lanesboro and Jeanne spent time in the park with Beth, her friend Houston who was busy selling leaves she made; large leaves, made by hand. She had sold quite a few by the time we arrived and when we left at the day’s end, we had three of them in the back of the car; smaller ones.

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I left them to make my way downtown to the art shop but first stopped at the library on the edge of the park where I purchased John Steinbeck’s “Tortilla Flat” for 50 cents.

I plan to take it to Los Angeles this week when I travel with Cousin Ed to Forest Lawn for the burial of Uncle Bill, who passed away after an extended stay at Good Samaritan Society-Comforcare in Austin. His ashes will join Aunt Bess’s.

Besse was one of the Vilt clan who met up with Bill here in Austin, I believe at the tennis court. Uncle Bill and Aunt Besse spent most of their years in Los Angeles and now, once again they will be joined together at Hollywood Hills.

After the warm service from Rev. Pat Toschk, the collection of relatives gathered at George’s Pizza where we mingled. I think there we decided it was my brother Darryl was elder now. I’m not sure he saw that as a privilege. Darryl and I rendezvous in Blooming Prairie for coffee.

Uncle Bill was 96 when he passed away.

I should mention that Uncle Bill rescued me when I refused to go into a Veteran’s Hospital in Los Angeles a second time where I probably needed to be. I was in another world and was walking away when I heard “Bobby.”

It was Uncle Bill. He saved my life.