Stop the religious persecution

Published 11:14 am Friday, May 6, 2011

Letter to the Editor

Gene Seavey, Austin

The pilgrims came to the new world in 1620 to escape religious persecution in their homeland.

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If they only knew how the religious persecution has gotten out of hand, they would roll over in their graves.

The Bill of Rights is a list of privileges put forth by our founding fathers. The First Amendment gives us the right to freedom of religion and speech.

There is not a law that says we have to believe in a God. There is not a law that says we have to be Protestant, Lutheran, Catholic, Muslim or Mormon. Those are just labels attached to recipes for religious beliefs. Respect them as you would your own.

We already have two recipes for religious beliefs, the Bill of Rights and the Constitution. So why do we waste time and money arguing about whose recipe is the best? Believe in them.

The First Amendment also gives us the right to free speech. This does not give us the right to break the commandment; thou shall not bear false witness or slander against our neighbors’ religious beliefs. This may cause our own religious beliefs to crumble.

Keep our government out of the church.

Keep churches out of the government.

Separation of church and government is a state of mind only.