GMLOS girls win SEC track meet

Published 9:40 pm Tuesday, May 17, 2011

The Grand Meadow/LeRoy/Ostrander/Southland girls track and field team took first and the GMLOS boys took second at the four-team Southeast Conference meet in Grand Meadow Tuesday.

Lyle/Pacelli’s boys and girls each took fourth.

GMLOS’s Danielle Hanson took first in the long jump, 100-meter hurdles and 300-meter hurdles, eighth grader McKenzie Kirtz took first in the 1600-meter run and the 800-meter run, Elizabeth May took first in the 400-meter dash and the triple jump, and Amber Riedemann took first in pole vault.

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Maya Ebeling won the discus and shot put for L/Ps girls.

Decker Bendtsen won the 400-meter dash for the GMLOS boys, Mitch Scaglione took first in the 800-meter run, Mike Ojulu took first in the high jump, and Ben Wolterman took first in shot put.


100-meter dash: Paul Apenhorst (GMLOS) (third, 11.96)

4 x 100-meter relay: Marvin Heimer, Matt Schmitz, Ben Wolterman, Paul Apenhorst (GMLOS) (second, 47.77)

400-meter dash: Decker Bendtsen (GMLOS) (first, 53.88); Alex Ruechel (GMLOS) (second, 55.39); Michael Felten (GMLOS ) (third, 57.65)

300-meter hurdles: Paul Apenhorst (GMLOS) (second, 47.02)

800-meter run: Mitch Scaglione (GMLOS) (first, 2:07.54); Zack Canterbury (GMLOS) (third, 2:10.79)

200-meter dash: Michael Felten (GMLOS) (third, 24.93)

4 x 400-meter dash: Decker Bendtsen, Mitch Scaglione, Zack Canterbury, Alex Ruechel (GMLOS) (first, 3:42.74)

High jump: Mike Ojulu (GMLOS) (first, 5-6); Alex Ruechel (GMLOS) (second, 5-2)

Pole vault: Paul Apenhorst (GMLOS) (second, 9-6)

Long jump: Colton Scherer (LP) (second, 18-6); Alex Retell (GMLOS) (third, 18-0.25)

Triple jump: Colton Scherer (LP) (second, 36-8); Mike Ojulu (GMLOS) (third, 36-6)

Discus: Ben Wolterman (GMLOS) (third, 89-5)

Shot put: Ben Wolterman (GMLOS) (first, 41-0)


4 x 800-meter relay: Sarah Holtz, Sarah Kahle, Annie Holtz, Madeline Kraemer (LP) (second, 11:18.34)

100-meter hurdles: Danielle Hanson (GMLOS) (first, 17.56); Rachel Oelke (GMLOS) (second, 18.88); Corbyn Bendtsen (GMLOS) (third, 18.99)

100-meter dash: Syndey Bendtsen (GMLOS) (second, 13.67)

4 x 200-meter relay: Syndey Bendtsen, Elizabeth May, Addison Tapp, Betsy Oswald (GMLOS) (first, 1:51.04)

1600-meter run: McKenzie Kirtz (GMLOS) (first, 5:38.83); Sarah Kahle (LP) (second, 6:10.40)

4 x 100-meter relay: Syndey Bendtsen, Kaitlyn Kirtz, Kelly Gray, Rachel Oelke (GMLOS) (first, 54.04)

400-meter dash: Elizabeth May (GMLOS) (first, 1:01.67); Addison Tapp (GMLOS) (third, 1:05.90)

300-meter hurdles: Danielle Hanson (GMLOS) (first, 47.78); Corbyn Bendtsen (GMLOS) (second, 53.34); Rachel Oelke (GMLOS) (third, 55.57)

800-meter run: McKenzie Kirtz (GMLOS) (first, 2:37.92); Sam Hamlin (GMLOS) (third, 2:54.44)

200-meter dash: Betsy Oswald (GMLOS) (second, 27.92); Kelly Gray (GMLOS) (third, 29.89)

3200-meter run: Madeline Kraemer (LP) (second, 12:51.87)

4 x 400-meter relay: Danielle Hanson, Elizabeth May, Addison Tapp, Betsy Oswald (GMLOS) (first, 4:17.49)

Pole vault: Amber Riedemann (GMLOS) (first, 7-6)

Long jump: Danielle Hanson (GMLOS) (first, 16-4.75); Sydney Bendtsen (GMLOS) (second, 15-10.25); Kelly Gray (GMLOS) (third, 15-0.25)

Triple jump: Elizabeth May (GMLOS) (first, 33-1); McKenzie Kirtz (GMLOS) second, 30-7.75)

Discus: Maya Ebeling (LP) (first, 112-6); Morgan Schmitz (GMLOS) (third, 94-6)

Shot put: Maya Ebeling (LP) (first, 35-9); Morgan Schmitz (GMLOS) (second, 28-2)