School board commends Krenz

Published 9:20 am Tuesday, April 12, 2011

It’s been a good year for Austin Public School Superintendent David Krenz.

Austin Public School board members praised Krenz during his annual review, the results of which were released Monday in a statement.

According to the evaluation, Krenz “was commended for guiding the district during the past year in a number of important accomplishments.”

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Board members praised the superintendent for overseeing several large projects, including renewing the district’s bond levies up for renewal last year, completing the district’s five year strategic planning process, helping Sumner staff propose an alternative school schedule, also called the 45/15 schedule, and acting as counsel to the district’s facilities task force, which has proposed a new fifth and sixth-grade school and renovations to Woodson Kindergarten Center in order to meet increasing enrollment needs and stem facility space issues.

The board “noted opportunities for (Krenz) to grow in his role,” chiefly continuing communication amongst district administrators and leading the district according to its strategic plan. Board members asked Krenz to provide ideas to help the board develop and improve communication between board members and administration.

Krenz was evaluated using a new process this year, one board members will uses from now on.

The new process involves giving out a 360 review, which is a feedback survey given to employees. It’s commonly used by human resource professionals, according to Mary Burroughs, the district’s human resource director.

The 360 review allows district employees who work closely with Krenz to give their opinions on how well the superintendent does his job without revealing themselves. The board chair and superintendent chose who to send out 360 reviews to. These 360 reviews are meant for feedback, as the board goes through a final review process after receiving the 360 review results.