Local acupuncturist attends conference

Published 7:12 am Monday, April 18, 2011

Local licensed acupuncturist Jason Richard of the Austin Acupuncture Clinic attended Northwestern Health Science Universities’ “Great Rivers Symposium” in Bloomington, Minn., last weekend.

This year’s three day continuing educational medical conference covered topics focusing on mental–emotional disorders and their treatments with acupuncture; specifically in adolescents and children such as ADD/ADHD, Autism spectrum disorders, anxiety disorders, learning difficulties, eating disorders and sleep disorders such as bed wetting.

Richards listened to lecturers covering the most current clinical research studies involving acupuncture and traditional Chinese herbal medicine to treat these problems.

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“While you always have to be careful making generalizations with the statistical medical research data available, it’s very hard to argue, based on the research available, that acupuncture is not a fantastic treatment for these mental-emotional conditions. The majority of studies show acupuncture rivaling or even surpassing the effectiveness of the standard medical treatments commonly used … meaning drugs,” Richards said. “Plus, you get none of the nasty side effects many people complain about with drugs therapy. And when patients do both, the results are so much better than either one alone.”

This was Richards 10th Great River Symposium.

“I always look forward to going every year at the university which I graduated from because not only do you get to see old class mates and socialize, but they always have great presenters with information you can use right away with your patients on Monday morning.”