Library still hub of town

Published 6:30 pm Saturday, March 19, 2011

More this week from a booklet entitled “Progressive Austin.” According to the cover, it was “published under the auspices of the Junior Chamber of Commerce” in 1935.

“The Carnegie Public Library is one of the busiest institutions in the city. Its doors are open from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m., every day except Sunday. It serves 9,909 people, including 96 rural patrons.

Last year 117,000 books were circulated within the city. 40,025 people visited the library in 1933-1934.

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The library is affiliated with the grade schools of the city, housing their library books and serving six grade buildings. Last year 68,000 books were loaned to school children.

The council granted a sum of money this year for repairs — rebuilding the roof and opening a Juvenile Department in the basement of the library.

The Floral Club of the city permitted the use of interest money from their Endowment Fund to purchase a wrought-iron grill to close the stack room from the general public.

The Library looks forward to seeing more business men, more club women, more artisans, more children, as well as more students and teachers and general readers, with books which they need and will enjoy in this new leisure time which has come upon us.”

What has changed since 1935? Current numbers from the Austin Public Library, provided by Ann Hokanson: 350,000 items were circulated and 145,000 individuals visited in 2010.

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