A look back at St. Olaf

Published 5:00 pm Saturday, March 5, 2011

More this week from a booklet entitled “Progressive Austin.” According to the cover, it was “published under the auspices of the Junior Chamber of Commerce” in 1935.

St. Olaf Hospital

“St. Olaf Hospital, located on Lansing Avenue, was built in 1896 from funds solicited by an association formed June 24 of the above year in the offices of Drs. O.H. Hegge and C.A. Hegge. From a modest beginning it has developed to a capacity for sixty patients and is fully equipped with an up-to-date laboratory, X-ray and basal metabolism machines, two operating rooms and all necessary facilities for a representative institution in a city of this size.

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A contagious disease ward in a separate building enables the staff to isolate cases of this kind and at the same time give the best of attention.

Twenty graduate nurses under a well-trained superintendent are required to take care of the regular work while from 10 to 12 special nurses are constantly on the nurses registry for special duty.

The physicians and surgeons of the city and county hold staff meeting regularly once every month to discuss cases and exchange views on scientific matters pertaining to their profession.”

Editor’s note: A basal metabolism machine measured the uptake of oxygen and output of carbon dioxide.

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