Photo ID voter registration opinion is off

Published 10:16 am Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Letter to the Editor

Brian Thiel, LeRoy

I think you need to review your assumptions about this issue.

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Even if there is a tiny fraction of the vote tally that is due to improper voters, because there are recurring razor thin election outcomes the potential for mischief is too easy a target for the nefarious.

There are lots of precincts with a dominance of a single party and those places are the easiest places for fraud. (Every 10-year redistricting changes some of these but the process itself fosters “loaded precincts.”)

Have you spent any large blocks of time in a wide variety of different types of precincts? If so, your viewpoint would have more weight. If not, then not.

Even if Rep Benson’s bill for Photo-ID is not adopted, the real gremlin in the process is the ability for one registered voter to bring in a group of up to 20 (I recall) people and vouch for all of them as legitimate residents allowing them to be immediately registered to vote. This has too much potential for mischief.

No legitimate voter wants to see his/her vote ‘canceled’ by a fraudulent one. Today’s system has too much potential for that and nobody’s rights would be hampered by adopting a more cautious or informed standard for voter registration.