North Main Street flood project hot topic for CRWD

Published 7:53 am Monday, February 14, 2011

The Cedar River Watershed District plans to take a closer look at some of its rules and their effects on the city of Austin at a workshop Wednesday before its regular 7 p.m. meeting.

Last month, the CRWD delayed the submission of its draft rules at the city’s request along with several others’.

CRWD officials have asked Austin Public Works Director Jon Erichson to give a presentation regarding the City’s North Main Street flood mitigation project. Erichson will highlight the past problems, the current state of the project and the future of the project.

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Initially, the city had been buying businesses and other structures on Main Street to remove from the floodplain. With structures removed from the area, the city can put in some walls and allow for increased water flow — a major move to reduce flooding.

As of now, CRWD Administrator Bev Nordby said no alterations have been made to the rules since last month. They don’t plan to make any changes while meeting with Erichson on Wednesday either.

“I think they want to have a grasp on what the North main project is,” Erichson said.

Following the workshop, guests from Austin High School, possibly including students, will give a presentation on rain gardens, their benefits and the school’s use of them.