Update: BP deaths medical, unrelated

Published 4:26 pm Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Two women found in a rural Blooming Prairie home Tuesday died of natural and unrelated causes.

Arlene Jolson, 76, died on the first floor from a heart-related condition, according to autopsy results. Her daughter, Kristi Jolson, 50, died at the same time of a brain aneurysm upstairs.

The women were found dead at their home at 88793 320th St. in Blooming Prairie Tuesday after Kristi Jolson did not show up to work at Gerard Academy in Austin.

A Freeborn County sheriff's deputy waits Wednesday in a patrol car outside the house at 88793 320th St. in rural Blooming Prairie. — Tim Engstrom/Albert Lea Tribune

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A family member who lived next door helped deputies get into the house.

Locals said the two women resided in the house together.

Carbon monoxide was eliminated as a cause of death.

An approximate time of death has not been narrowed down.