NFL Picks: The playoffs are here

Published 4:51 pm Wednesday, January 5, 2011

It’s that wonderful time of year when the NFL postseason comes upon us and once again, I’m looking forward to most of the matchups.

Should be a good weekend of football.

Here are the picks:

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New Orleans at Seattle

Pick: Saints 24, Seahawks 10

The Super Bowl champs can complain all they want about being 11-5 and having to play at a 7-9 team’s stadium, but it will hurt them if they come into the game thinking how much better they are than Seattle and that the game is a joke.

Seattle may be one of the toughest places to play at in the league with their infamous “12th man.” They really have nothing to lose and they have no expectations for this one, which is dangerous for the Saints.

Still, I think New Orleans’ experience from last season will pay off in this one.

New York Jets at Indianapolis

Pick: Colts 35, Jets 13

Last year I remember thinking the Jets had a legitimate shot to make it to the Super Bowl as they played a solid first half against the Colts, then Peyton Manning showed up and dominated the game.

This year, the Jets’ defense is missing a key leader in safety Jim Leonhard and I have no doubts that Manning will spot the weak points in the Jets’ defense early and often.

Baltimore at Kansas City

Pick: Ravens 23, Chiefs 10

Sorry Chiefs, you had a great season, but the Ravens have a strong balanced attack on offense and a good enough defense to hold the lead.

Still it’s a big accomplishment for woeful Kansas City to get back into the playoffs and it’s definitely a spot for them to start building from.

Green Bay at Philadelphia

Pick: Packers 38, Eagles 29

The Packers have just won two survival games over the last two weeks, while the Eagles were losing to the Vikings and resting most of their starters.

I’m confident the Packers will move the ball against Philly’s questionable secondary and I’m confident the Packers have the better defense between these two squads.

About the only way the Eagles win is if Mike Vick goes off, and he has done that against the Pack before in the playoffs, so watch out.