Highway Department seeking information on Roosevelt Bridge

Published 11:14 am Friday, January 7, 2011

The Mower County Highway Department is asking the public for historical data and photographs related to the Roosevelt Bridge.

The department is in the early stages of discussing a reclamation project for the bridge. Old photos and information would be helpful in guiding the repairs.

“We’d sure like to hear from the public if they have any information on the history of it,” said County Engineer Mike Hanson.

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The bridge — which crosses the Cedar River on Fourth Street Southeast/County Highway 29 — was built in 1934, and older photos would be preferred. The highway department is looking for photos of the original light fixture and the concrete walls on the ends of the stone arches

Along with photos, Hanson said the department is looking for personal stories, especially if anyone has a family member who worked on the construction project.

The highway department is seeking state approval on a variance to restore the bridge. Should the variance be approved, work to restore the bridge could begin in 2011 and could carry over to 2012.

“Its quite an undertaking,” Hanson. “It’s potentially a very exciting project at the same time.”

If the variance isn’t approved, the future of the bridge would be less certain. Hanson said his department would know more about the bridge’s future by early January.

Anyone with photos or other information can call contact the highway department at 437-7718 by Jan. 10. Department officials will arrange to make copies of photos or any other information.