Alleged forger pleads guilty

Published 10:11 am Monday, January 17, 2011

An Austin man who was initially pulled over for a routine traffic stop pleaded guilty to felony forgery Friday in Mower County Court.

Pedro Hernandez-Velasco, 38, was arrested after the traffic stop Dec. 30 for giving police the false name of Armando Flores, Jr. He had identified himself with a Quality Pork Processing employee card, but when the officer ran his name and date of birth through the system, the photo did not match Hernandez-Velasco.

He admitted his true identity when a second officer arrived at the scene but could not produce a photo ID. He also told officers he used the Flores identity to obtain a job at QPP.

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When police ran Flores’ social security number through the Consolidated Lead Evaluation and Reporting system at the Law Enforcement Center, it provided an address located in Corpus Christi, Texas.

After searching Hernandez-Velasco’s home, police found a Mexican voter registration card, Mexico matricula consular card, Mexico passport and Mexican birth certificate. They also found a number of documents under the Flores name, as well as documents under the names of Marcos Fernando San Miguel and Javier Gutierrez.

A roommate who had been living upstairs from Hernandez-Velasco for six weeks said he didn’t know anyone by the names of San Miguel or Gutierrez.

Hernandez-Velasco was initially also charged with two counts of aggravated forgery and giving a peace officer a false name, but the charges were dismissed when he entered into a plea agreement.

His sentencing has yet to be scheduled.