Tiny city east of St. Paul tops metro poverty list

Published 7:58 am Thursday, December 16, 2010

LANDFALL, Minn.  — A mobile home park of about 700 residents incorporated as a city is among Minnesota’s poorest communities.

More than a quarter of the residents in Landfall live in poverty, which the federal government defines as individual income of about $11,000 or less. The city is east of St. Paul on Tanner’s Lake.

While income may be low, residents say Landfall is also very affordable. Josh Mars moved to Landfall from St. Paul with his young son about a year ago. Mars says he was able to quit a second job and spend more time with his son since his move to Landfall.

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Minnesota Public Radio News says Mayor Greg Feldbrugge defines his job as part handyman, part social worker. The mayor sets up regular bus trips to the food pantry.