NFL Picks: Bears are due for a stinker

Published 1:46 pm Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Here are the picks:

Houston at Philadelphia


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The Texan defense is basically a liability at this point (shutting out the Titans with their third string rookie QB did not impress me) and that’s not a good thing when you’re going against the human video game that is Michael Vick.

Buffalo at Minnesota


I can see it now, the Vikings win just enough games down the stretch to miss out on the playoffs by a game or two. Then they have to pick in the middle of the first round of the draft and miss out on a possible franchise quarterback.

I really feel for those with purple pride.

Cleveland at Miami


If the Dolphins are going to get it going and make a run at the postseason, this is a must win game for them at home.

Jacksonville at Tennessee


The Titans couldn’t score against Houston and although Kerry Collins may be back at the helm, I think that it’s too little, too late. Murphy’s Law may be setting in for the Tennessee, and maybe Randy Moss actually does carry a curse with him.

Washington at New York Giants


Washington’s season is slipping away.

San Francisco at Green Bay


Green Bay may have lost to the Falcons last week, but they showed they can compete with the NFL’s best on the road and if it weren’t for a non-challenge by Mike McCarthy on a fourth down play that set up an Atlanta TD, things could’ve been different.

I’d say they should handle the 49ers in Lambeau Field in December.

New Orleans at Cincinnati


Bengals looked like a mess on Thanksgiving night and the Saints have gotten their mojo back.

Chicago at Detroit


Call it the revenge game. The Lions actually beat Chicago in week one, until the officials called an incomplete pass on a Calvin Johnson touchdown after Johnson didn’t carry the ball with him while getting up after making said catch.

I think Detroit remembers that call, and I think Jay Cutler is long overdue for an epic stinker where he has four turnovers.

Denver at Kansas City


Not only do the Chiefs have one of the best rushing attacks in the league, but Dwayne Bowe is also starting to show his potential at wide receiver.

Oakland at San Diego


San Diego is coming off a big win in Indy and things are looking good for them to get into the postseason.

Atlanta at Tampa Bay

Pick: BUCS

A classic hangover game. Matt Ryan said after the Packers win that is was one of their biggest wins of the season and it showed how Atlanta belongs. They may be feeling a little to good about themselves against a Bucs team that needs to win before it begins to fade into irrelevancy.

St. Louis at Arizona

Pick: RAMS

The Cardinals were embarrassed by the 49ers at home Monday night, even though San Francisco was playing without it’s best player in Frank Gore and Derek Anderson threw a fit in a press conference after that loss. Not good times in the desert.

Carolina at Seattle


The one-win Panthers may be the only exception to my rule of always picking against NFC West teams when playing teams outside of their division.

Dallas at Indianapolis


Cowboys are actually playing decent ball right now, but it’s hard to picture Indy dropping out of contention as long as Peyton Manning is involved.

Pittsburgh at Baltimore


The Steelers had to squeak by the Bills in overtime, thanks to a dropped a touchdown pass by Buffalo in OT and they don’t seem like themselves since that loss to New England.

New York Jets at New England


This game is as close to a toss-up as you’ll see between two 9-2 squads. Mark Sanchez is playing great lately, but I think the Pats’ defense will have a couple of wrinkles for him.

Last week: 9-7