KSMQ hosts town hall meeting on women in the workforce

Published 3:30 pm Wednesday, December 8, 2010

In 1967, one-third of women were in the workforce. Today that number has reached 70 percent. KSMQ is proud to announce the next Regional Town Hall as part of the series, Cities on the Move, to be held Tuesday, Dec. 14 at 6:30pm.

A panel of experts will discuss the impact of women entering the workforce over the last 40 years while examining the current status of wage compensation and the factors that influence career advancement and how both impact family life and society at large.

Host Stephanie Passingham and a panel of local women in the workplace will look at the historical perspective of how women entered the workplace and the feminist revolution. They will share their thoughts on the current status of working women and their career and family choices and they will explore the future needs of the workplace to balance gender needs and how women and men are evolving in the workplace.

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A group of local working women will be sharing their experiences, regional resources and their thoughts on how women in the workplace have shaped our community. This panel includes Amy Brenegen of the Office of the Economic Status of Women, Diane Hellie of the AAUW of Rochester, working woman Tami Lenort, Kim Nelson, Director of the Albert Lea Children’s Center, former Mayor of Austin, Bonnie Rietz and Bonnie Watkins of the Minnesota Women’s Consortium.

If you would like to be part of the studio audience, please contact the Danica Olson at KSMQ at 507-433-0638 or email dolson@ksmq.org by Tuesday, Dec. 14 at noon.

Our at-home audience will be able to engage the panel in a dialogue about what is working in their communities by calling the studio at 877-469-5767. Join us on Tuesday, December 14 at 6:30 p.m., on KSMQ Public Television for this special discussion about women in the workplace – don’t forget to call in to ask your questions.