Guide dog lost in freezing cold returned to owner

Published 8:24 am Tuesday, December 14, 2010

ST. PAUL — A guide dog lost in freezing weather has been reunited with his owner in St. Paul.

Justin McDevitt, who’s blind, went outside Sunday afternoon and his Golden Retriever, Spalding, followed. When McDevitt headed inside about an hour later, he called for Spalding, but the dog didn’t respond. McDevitt called the humane society and the city’s animal control center while his wife scoured the neighborhood. The guide dog was nowhere to be found.

When media reports on the lost dog began to circulate Monday, a neighbor thought the pictured animal looked a lot like a dog another neighbor found wandering on Sunday. Spauling spent the night in the neighbor’s kitchen.

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The St. Paul Pioneer Press says the guide dog was reunited with a grateful McDevitt later on Monday.