FEMA accepts county’s hazard plan

Published 8:56 am Wednesday, December 22, 2010

County residents will continue to receive federal funds in case of an emergency.

The county’s All Hazard Mitigation Plan was recently accepted by the Federal Emergency Management Agency. Without approval, the county would lose out on FEMA dollars.

“It’s virtually worth millions of dollars,” said Emergency Management Director Wayne Madson.

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The plan also gives FEMA information about the county so FEMA workers are prepared and knowledgeable about the county in case of an emergency..

The county must update their plan and reapply to receive funding every five years, which is quite a tall task.

“It absorbed my whole summer,” Madson said, who noted it took a few weekends, too.

The plan affects natural disaster and man made disasters from floods to chemical spills.

Along with the county, all the cities in Mower County were approved, too.

The county board also approved an update to the Austin-Mower County Operation Plan, which is updated annually. The plan is pending state approval.