County board sets salaries for elected officials

Published 7:30 am Wednesday, December 29, 2010

2011 isn’t starting off well for Auditor-Treasurer Doug Groh.

With other elected officials seeing raises to honor increased work loads, Groh will stand pat after a series of mishaps and miscommunication.

“We have numerous issues with things not being done,” said Commissioner Tim Gabrielson.

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On Tuesday, the county board set Groh’s salary stay at the 2010 level of about $68,200.

Gabrielson said there have been a number of complaints about Groh and his lack of communication and unwillingness to cooperate. Gabrielson also said there have been issues with figures and information being incorrect.

“Overall, it’s been rather frustrating in the last couple of years,” Gabrielson said.

Groh did meet with the personnel committee as other officials did, and he submitted information to the committee after the requested deadline.

The county board set County Attorney Kristen Nelsen’s salary be increased by about $6,600 to around $95,700 in 2011. Likewise, the board set Sheriff Terese Amazi will see her salary raised by about $3,500 to around $91,100 in 2011.

Both will continue to see a high work load in 2011. Amazi will work with 14 new jailers and a new jail. Nelsen will continue to see high case loads and an understaffed office.

For the third straight year, the county board opted to freeze their own salary at $24,200.

“The job has gotten bigger, but at the same time, we realize the budget restraints within the county,” Gabrielson said.

Recorder-elect Jill Cordes will earn a salary of roughly $51,400.

Salary for elected officials

County Attorney Kristen Nelsen

2010: $89,093.68

2011: $95,709.95

Sheriff Terese Amazi

2010: 87,635.81

2011: 91,141.24

County Recorder Jill Cordes

2010: NA

2011: $51,384.94

Auditor-Treasurer Doug Groh

2010: $68,181.15

2011: $68,181.15

County Commissioners

2010: 24,200

2011: 24,200