LeRoy man leaves $3M legacy

Published 8:04 am Wednesday, December 1, 2010

“I think it’s the best thing in the world,” Wheeler said. “He gave it to the proper people, and dividing it up.”

Wheeler knew Krueger for quite a while, having been an electrician in town for 51 years. Krueger was in the same nursing home as Wheeler’s mother, and Wheeler would talk to Krueger on the phone at times, whenever Krueger wanted to talk.

Krueger, a Catholic, primarily attended St. Patrick Church, which received a large share of the money. While Joyce Arndorfer, a staff member at the church and the executor of Krueger’s estate, couldn’t say just how much the church is getting, several members of St. Patrick’s congregation claim the church will receive about $980,000.

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That number isn’t solid, however, as much of Krueger’s estate is tied up in land, which has to be sold off. As a result, every group benefiting from Krueger’s remembrances has received payments in several disbursements based on when and for what price Krueger’s land holdings are settled.

Arndorfer said there’s not a lot left to settle in Krueger’s estate, but she remembers how good a man Krueger was. She and her husband Clarence, met Krueger years ago, as her sons Michael, then Anthony and finally Patrick rented farm land from Krueger.

“They did a lot with Loren,” Arndorfer said. “They would spend the day with him fixing fences, and he would take them to dinner. They were very close to Loren.”

Over the years, the Arndorfers remained close with Krueger. Joyce helped Krueger balance his books from time to time, and the Arndorfers even stayed in Texas at times with Krueger and his wife, as they went down to Texas every winter for quite some time.

Krueger had no surviving relatives when he passed, as his second wife had preceded him in death some 20 years earlier, according to Arndorfer. Krueger’s only son had lost his life to cancer after graduating high school years ago, too. Krueger had asked Arndorfer to have power of attorney over his estate when he made out his will, although Arndorfer doesn’t remember exactly when that was.

Krueger even helped the Arndorfer boys who took care of his property. When he passed, the boys were able to buy the land they had rented from him using money Krueger had left them.

“He was very good to them. He helped them out a lot,” Arndorfer said. “I’m very happy about that.”