Three years probation for felony forgery (updated)

Published 7:56 am Thursday, November 11, 2010

Two Austin men who were found to be in the country illegally were sentenced to three years of supervised probation each in Mower County Court Wednesday.

Hugo Riano-Rivera, 23, and Bernabe Bautista-Velasco, 21, were each found guilty of one count felony forgery. Another count of felony forgery was dismissed for Bautista-Velasco and two other felony forgery counts were dismissed for Riano-Rivera.

Attorney Daniel Donnelly said in an e-mail that the men are subject to Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) holds and will likely be deported.

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The men were initially arrested after an execution of a search warrant in their home, located at 511 1/2 Second St. NW.

Police discovered that Riano-Rivera has been using the alias “Efrain Gomez” to work at Quality Pork Processing.

In the home, officers found a Social Security card, QPP benefit card, Minnesota identification card and QPP pay stub for Gomez. Officers also found a Mexico passport, Texas driver’s license, Mexican voter registration card, international driver’s license, Mexico driver’s license, Mexico birth certificate and Mexico metricula card under Riano-Rivera’s name.

Riano-Rivera is being charged with two counts of felony aggravated forgery and one count felony simple forgery.

During the search, officers learned that Bautista-Velasco was using the alias “Juan Lopez.” They seized a Social Security card, Minnesota identification card, Verizon bill and Texas birth certificate for Lopez.

Officers also found a Mexico metricula card, Mexico driver’s license, Mexico passport, Mexico voter registration card and Wells Fargo debit cards in Bautista-Velasco’s name.

Bautista-Velasco is being charged with one count felony aggravated forgery and one count felony simple forgery.

Both men admitted to their true identities and said they had been using their aliases for work.

Bautista-Velasco and Riano-Rivera were also sentenced to serve 40 community service hours along with their probation.