Police reports: 11/29

Published 10:43 am Tuesday, November 30, 2010

—Grand Meadow ambulance dispatched but later canceled for a medical.
—Deputy dispatched to make a notification of a subject at the 56000 block of 220nd Street.
—Deputy checked for dead deer on road in Marshall Township.
—Report of a lost wallet at the Law Enforcement Center.
—CSO set up a trap at the 700 block of First Avenue SW for a cat running loose.
—Officers responded to a burglar alarm at the Paramount Theatre, false alarm, employee error.
—Vehicle chalked for overtime parking at the 800 block of Eighth Avenue NW.
—Officers assisted Gold Cross at the 300 block of Main Street N.
—Report of hit and run at the Riverland Community College West Campus.
—Officer assisted with a lift assist at Pickett Place.
—Officer unlocked keys from a vehicle at Maurice’s parking lot.
—Officer checked the area for a dog running loose at the 1000 block of Seventh Avenue NE, unable to locate.
—Officer checked the area for a black lab loose at the 800 block of Third Avenue NW, issued a verbal warning.
—Officers checked Bremerton Apartments for app order, unable to locate.
—Officer assisted in civil matter at the 100 block of Fourth Street SW.
—Arrested on Mower County and Freeborn County warrant at the Law Enforcement Center lobby.
—Officers responded to a report of a possible theft at Wal-Mart, turned out all the items were paid for.
—CSO retrieved keys from a vehicle at Quality Pork Products.
—Officers checked on road hazard at 14th Street NW and Interstate-90.
—Officers and Gold Cross ambulance responded to medical at the 1300 block of 15th Avenue NW.
—Officer checked on suspicious vehicle in the area of the 1000 block of Second Avenue NW.
—CSO assisted with keys locked in a vehicle at the 1300 block of First Place SE.
—Officers and Gold Cross ambulance responded to a medical at the Cedars of Austin.

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