NFL Picks: dumping Moss was a bad idea

Published 1:42 pm Tuesday, November 2, 2010

I take it all back.

After the Vikings traded for Randy Moss, I complimented them against all my own instincts and said how smart they were for trading for a need.

Four weeks later, the Vikings don’t have Randy Moss, they are 2-5, and they gave up what could be a pretty high third round pick for nothing.

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I’m not sure what Vikings head coach Brad Childress is thinking in getting rid of Moss. Moss’s speed has given Percy Harvin tons of room to operate underneath and he’s opened up some big running holes for Adrian Peterson.

I know he hasn’t made the big play catches Viking fans were looking for, but Moss has helped out the Vikings’ offense. In the Green Bay and New England games, the opposing defenses had to double cover Moss while playing a safety deep to account for him, which made a difference.

With Moss gone and Brett Favre getting hurt every week, this offense is heading south.

Plus, I don’t see what the Vikings gain by cutting Moss, he’s a free agent at the end of they year and it would be easy to let him go that way.

If you want to argue that he’s hurting team chemistry, who cares? The team is not very good anyway and I don’t think Childress’s royal treatment of Favre has helped chemistry that much either.

In the end, I think Minnesota just cost itself any slim chance it had of making the playoffs and Childress may have cost himself a job.

Here are the picks:

New York Jets at Detroit

Pick: JETS

This will be no cakewalk for the Jets, and normally I’d lean towards the Lions, who have a pretty strong front four and a potent offense. But after not scoring against the banged up Packers, Rex Ryan’s Jets will have some new wrinkles on offense and they’ll come out hitting on defense.

Miami at Baltimore


Until the Dolphins lose on the road (they’re 4-0 so far), I can’t pick against them.

New England at Cleveland


The Browns just don’t have what it takes to pull off two big upsets in a season and they already beat the Saints.

San Diego at Houston


I think Houston is going to start losing some games. They couldn’t stop the Colts second string receiving core (with the exception of Reggie Wayne) on Monday and their offense isn’t that good.

Chicago at Buffalo


As much as I’d love to see the Bears lose to a winless team, they are coming off a bye week and the Bills are coming off two heart-wrenching OT losses.

Arizona at Minnesota


It breaks my NFC West rule, but the Vikings are an absolute mess and if Percy Harvin doesn’t play, which he may not due to an injury, this one could get ugly.

Tampa Bay at Atlanta


The battle for first place in the NFC South. I have a hunch the Bucs may be sheep in wolves clothing.

New Orleans at Carolina


The Saints looked good in a win over the Steelers, but they’ll have to do it on the road to prove they’re serious about getting back to the big game.

New York Giants at Seattle


The Giants are coming off a bye week and they lead the NFC East. The Seahawks do lead the NFC West, but they’re coming off a 30-point loss to the Oakland Raiders.

Indianapolis at Philadelphia


Mike Vick comes back and ignites a Philly team that will handle Indy’s backups a lot better than the Texans did.

Kansas City at Oakland


Is it 1995? The Raiders and Chiefs are playing in a meaningful game against each other.

Dallas at Green Bay


The Cowboys have the third worst record in the league and the Packers are coming off their best game of the season.

Pittsburgh at Cincinnati


I’m sure T.O. and Ochocinco will be flapping their mouths, but they’ll be quiet after a couple of licks from the Steelers’ defense.

Last week: 10-3