Merry Elf takes a break to deliver cheer

Published 5:00 pm Saturday, November 27, 2010

Merry Elf Elfson delivers cheer during a previous year’s Christmas in the City. - Herald file photo

Back from the North Pole, Merry Elf Elfson was in downtown Austin again this year to see all of her old friends and help out with Christmas in the City. She and Santa took a short break from their very busy schedule to see the people of Austin.

“Austin’s got so much to offer, so Santa sends me to Austin for Christmas in the City to help out,” Merry Elf said. “And I’m the Elf who gets to try out all the fun stuff.”

Merry Elf makes bicycles, rollerblades, snowboards, skates, skis and lots of other fun, outdoor items for Santa, but she can’t test them out without her helmet on. “It’s worth working for Santa if I can help keep kids safe,” she said. “If anyone doesn’t have a helmet, it’s a good time to ask Santa for one.”

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In fact, Merry Elf learned how to ski when she was a little elf, but still had to wear a helmet. By always being safe, she is able to ski all the way from the North Pole on her magical elf ski even though she is now a very old elf. Merry has worked for Santa so long that she can’t remember how old she is, but guesses she is about 164.

She said Santa and many of the elves are busy making family games this year. Those are some of their favorite things to make, the ones that get everybody in the family involved. It’s also an elf family tradition to get everyone together and play games during the holiday season.

She wants all people to remember their friends and family on Christmas, do something nice for a forgotten friend, visit a rest home, do something special for someone and always remember to say thanks.

She added that families should not forget to do fun things outside in the winter to stay active like go to the park, go skiing, ice skating, walking and picture taking.

But she also said it is the time to remember to treat yourself, too. She encourages people to eat healthier but remember that Christmas time is okay to have some hot chocolate and cookies. Make sure you go to get a picture with Santa before Christmas; and if you remember, leave some treats out for him on Christmas Eve, too.

Merry Elf said that the reindeer have been practicing their flying this year and getting very good again. They would like it if some carrots and veggies were left out for them. Healthy treats.

Before Mary Elf headed back for the North Pole, she tried to remind as many kids as she could to help out around their homes. Help do some chores, or even try to surprise mom or dad by doing something nice. And with a parent’s approval, maybe even help out a neighbor or an elderly person who could use some assistance.

“The elves always notice that type of stuff,” she said. “And remember, there’s a little elf magic in everyone.”