Local Scout sets popcorn sales record

Published 7:08 am Monday, November 29, 2010

It’s official: Sam Hagan is one heck of a salesman for a nine year old.

Hagan, a cub scout, sold more than $5,000 worth of popcorn in October, breaking his previous record from last year, and setting a record for the Southern Trails District of the Boy Scouts of America.

Sam Hagan sold $5,000 worth of popcorn for the Cub Scouts in October, breaking his own record, which he held from last year.

“It really helps our pack,” Hagan said.

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He’s spent four years in the scouts and has consistently been in the top selling bracket, according to his father Dennis, who is the den leader and Southern Trails district popcorn chairperson.

“Considering the economy, people are still just so open to support the scouts.” Dennis Hagan said. “The numbers are boggling.”

What’s boggling is Sam Hagan’s pack, pack 113, sold more than $32,000 worth of popcorn in October as well, including Sam’s efforts.

Sam spent about two hours every day after school going door to door, along with the standard scout approaches like setting up at HyVee, Ace Hardware, and in St. Augustine after services were done. He and the elder Hagan also went out into the country, asking farmers for popcorn as well.

“Farmers remember their sons and their grandsons being in Pack 113,” Dennis Hagan said, explaining that Pack 113, which has 48 members this year, is also the oldest pack in the district. “So they appreciate it when you come out to them.”

There are several perks to being a star seller. Sam Hagan will get $600 in gift cards to Wal-Mart, along with $500 in a boy scout account he can use for scouting equipment and trips. He also gets 6 percent of the $5,228.95 he made deposited into a college scholarship account, which amounts to about $300. This is on top of the money he’s earned previously, as Sam Hagan sold $4,226 worth of popcorn in 2009 and more than $2,500 in 2008.

Sam plans on selling more popcorn next year already. His secret?

“Hit the regulars,” Same Hagan said.