Iowa man found guilty in Rose Creek bar burglary

Published 12:35 pm Tuesday, November 9, 2010

A Mason City, Iowa, man who is currently serving time in an Iowa prison was sentenced to 21 months at the St. Cloud Correctional Facilities with 316 days credit for time served.

Chad Arlin Wolfe, 35, was found guilty of felony third-degree burglary in Mower County court Friday for a theft at a Rose Creek bar in early 2009.

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According to a criminal complaint, a Mower County sheriff’s deputy observed a broken window on the west side of Woody’s Bar on Jan. 29. No one was found inside the building.

Authorities did, however, find the back door unlocked, and they suspected that at least one person broke in through the window and left through the door.

Inside the bar, a pool table had been pried open and the change box removed; an ATM lock was pried open but no change removed; a video machine was stolen; and a $350 TV was also stolen. Two pull tab game boxes were on the floor, but a manager later determined no pull tabs were taken.

Two bottles of rum and several packages of cigarettes were also missing.

On Feb. 3, 2009, Mower County Chief Deputy Mark May spoke with an investigator with the Mason City Police Department, who reported they were investigating a suspected burglary in Mason City.

Wolfe and another defendant, Christopher Robin Quam, 24, mentioned the burglary at Woody’s Bar and gave details of the incident, blaming each other for stealing the items but admitting they helped each other.

Records show the stolen video machine was discovered in Quam’s vehicle and the alcohol was also found. The defendants said the TV was traded for drugs in Mason City.

When Wolfe is released from prison in Iowa, he is to report to the Department of Corrections at the Mower County Jail and Justice Center.