How much did local candidates spend on campaigns?

Published 7:48 am Wednesday, November 17, 2010


While candidates spent large sums in their campaigns, it doesn’t appear money was the deciding factor between victory and defeat.

With the results of most races now in, the candidate that spent the most didn’t necessarily win the race.

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Mayoral and city council candidates are allowed to spend up to $750 in the course of the campaign without being required to present a line-by-line detail of their expenses. However, if candidates spend over $750, they must detail all expenses.

Councilwoman Marian Clennon, who lost her bid for mayor, spent more than $1,000 more than incumbent Tom Stiehm.

Sheriff candidate Jeff Ellis outspent winner Terese Amazi by more than $4,000.

All candidates must have financial reports filed before they can be seated in January.

Candidates who don’t file the expenditures are guilty of a misdemeanor and could result in the county attorney’s office potentially taking action, according to Auditor-Treasurer Doug Groh.

*Terese Amazi: $7,081.09
Jeff Ellis: $11,775 (The Citizens to Elect Jeff Committee filed expenditures of $6,875.34)

*Tom Stiehm: $200
Marian Clennon: $1,476

Council Ward 1
*Jeff Austin: NA
Derek Hyland: NA

Council Ward 2
*Roger Boughton: Under $750
Richard Pacholl: NA

Council Ward 3
*Judy Enright: $873
Jeff Bednar: Under $750

Council Member-at-Large
*Janet Anderson: $239
Michael Weinmann: NA

As of Oct. 18
House District 27B
*Jeanne Poppe: $11,972
Jennifer Gumbel: $7,020

Senate District 27
*Dan Sparks: $26,544
Kathy Green: $28,944

House District 27A (too close to call)
Robin Brown: $7,962
Rich Murray: $15,868

Commissioner District 3

*Jerry Reinartz: $2,357.98
David Hiller: $2,849.36

Commissioner District 4

*Tony Bennett: $2,918.31
Dick Lang: NA

*Jill Cordes: $2,739.69
Brad McBeain: NA

As of Nov. 16 — Further dollars may still be reported by the candidates

NA indicates the candidate has not yet submitted campaign spending figures

* Denotes Winner