Grand Meadow man comes clean on garage burglary

Published 8:13 am Tuesday, November 16, 2010

A Grand Meadow man pleaded guilty Friday to allegations that he stole over $350 worth of tools from a LeRoy man’s garage and pawned the items to buy methamphetamine.

Quentin James Stejskal, 20, pleaded guilty to third-degree burglary, while three other charges of misdemeanor theft, possession of a small amount of marijuana and possession of drug paraphernalia were dismissed.

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The burglary took place on June 16, when the LeRoy man discovered his Hitachi 10” miter saw, Hitachi hammer drill, three sets of wrenches, Bostitch nailer, pneumatic nailer and half a bottle of whiskey missing from his garage.

On July 30, the man and a Mower County deputy went to National Pawn in Rochester, where an Austin detective had discovered four items matching the stolen goods.

DVD surveillance from the pawn shop showed Stejskal and Lakendrick Rayshon Reed, 32, pawning the items. When a deputy spoke with Reed, he said he had signed the pawn receipt for Stejskal because Stejskal did not have a photo identification card.

Reed told the deputy that the items had belonged to Stejskal’s grandfather.

After speaking with Reed, deputies arrested Stejskal and found a small bag of marijuana and a digital scale in his pocket. Stejskal admitted to stealing and pawning the items and said Reed had not known the tools were stolen.

Stejskal also told deputies he pawned the items for money to buy meth.

While Stejskal gave details of the burglary, he began using the phrase “we,” according to court documents. He refused to divulge who else may have been involved.

Stejskal will appear in Mower County Court for sentencing on Jan. 6. Until then he is to check in with Mower County Court Systems on a weekly basis and abstain from alcohol and controlled substances.