Dog survives rifle shot

Published 11:35 am Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Jack received over 25 stitches from a deer slug that ripped through his body on Nov. 13.

By Michelle Haacke

staff writer

ALBERT LEA — The Perkins family of rural Albert Lea is thankful for their dog, Jack, this Thanksgiving.

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Jack, a 90-pound purebred German shepherd, survived a deer slug ripping through his body just two weeks ago.

“The vet said he was really lucky,” said Jack’s owner, Jennifer Perkins. “If the shot would’ve tilted just a little bit in any other direction, it would’ve gotten into his spine and caused paralysis or internal bleeding.”

She shudders to think of the alternative.

Jennifer Perkins points to the point of entry where the deer slug entered Jack's body, near his back left leg.

Jennifer recalls the day like it was yesterday: Saturday, Nov. 13, the day before deer hunting season ended.

Her husband, Austin, left the house on Freeborn County Road 18 two miles south of Albert Lea, at 4 o’clock that afternoon. When he left, Jack was outside playing with Keyda, their German shepherd/Labrador retriever mix puppy.