Column: Could U.S. eventually become an Islamic land?

Published 11:34 am Monday, November 22, 2010

Even if we should succeed in ending illegal immigration, our immigration law itself needs to be updated to accommodate a new factor never envisioned by its framers. Ironically, increased immigration by Latinos could help balance factors to avoid the current crisis in which European countries are moving: mass Muslim immigration and consequent Islamic culture and laws.

If both comparative birth rates and Muslim immigration from eastern countries continue at their present rates, most countries in Europe will within a few years be Islamic nations. Not far behind are Canada and the United States.

The alarm is being raised both in Europe and America. Many political experts are convinced European countries over-estimated their need for immigrant labor and under-estimated the cultural impact of Islam. These European countries base their attitude toward immigration on secularism, tolerance, and equality, but none of these qualities has any value to Islam. In point of fact, their traditional values are opposites. Asylum was generously granted for political refugees from eastern countries. However, it allows into west Europe countries far more illegal aliens than those in need of political refuge. Many parts of Europe already harbor anti-American feelings, but Moslem immigrants have added outright hostility to America.

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One of the more recent expositions of this trend is Christopher Caldwell’s “Reflections on the Revolution in Europe”: Immigration, Islam, and the West (Doubleday, 2009).

Statistical studies indicate the 52 million Muslims in Europe today will double within 20 years to 104 million. France already as more mosques in the south than churches, and France is predicted to become an Islamic country within 35 years.

While the birth rates in all countries of the European Union, and in Canada and the United States as well, are dropping, the Muslim rate is increasing. In both England and France, 50 percent of births are to Muslim families. Germany is the first nation to speak out in concern about Muslim immigrations, because they predict by 2050 it, too, will be an Islamic country.

In 1970 there were 100,000 Muslims in the United States. Today there are 9 million. Within 30 years there will be 50 million.

Islam has recently surpassed the Roman Catholic Church as the largest religious body in the world. In five to seven years it will be the dominant world religion.

If Latino immigration into the United States continues, it would raise the fertility rate from its present 1.6 children per family to 2.11, which historical studies have shown is just barely sufficient to maintain a culture for 25 years or more. Without them, the United States and Canada could well become yet other Islamic nations not long after Europe.

I have walked through Muslim neighborhoods in London, and it didn’t look or feel like England at all. Whole populations have been transplanted and pushed natives aside. England has over 1,000 active and well-attended mosques.

Muslims do not assimilate when they are great enough in number to take over. Another study has shown that when Muslims approached 50 percent of a population, the culture changed substantially. When they reached the two-thirds mark, the country became Islamic with Islamic law.

I lack a research staff to confirm the statistics I have quoted, and, so, cannot assert them. I just report the work others have done. But I have documented sources, and these impress me. If the statistics and projections are not fully accurate, the facts are close enough to frighten.

Our immigration law and policies need to be revised — reformed — not only to eliminate illegal immigration, but to ensure all immigrants admitted contribute to the cultural diversity of this country and strengthen it. We are in danger of Muslim immigration becoming a foreign invasion followed by occupation by an alien culture and ruled by alien law.