Cow “Blackie” found, currently no suspects

Published 10:07 am Monday, November 22, 2010

An 8-foot tall fiberglass cow, stolen from St. Paul this summer, was recovered in Dalbo, Minn., Monday. It had been missing since August, but its owner, Norb Anderson, received a tip it was near Dexter last week.

Blackie the cow will be going home.

A large fiberglass cow known as “Blackie” will be reunited with its owner, Norb Anderson, after being missing for over three months.

“I’m as happy as a pig in mud,” Anderson said. “I got Blackie back. I’m just so relieved.”

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Anderson said he received a call from the Isanti County Sheriff’s Department at 9 a.m. Monday that the 8-foot tall artificial animal was discovered in a parking lot in Dalbo, Minn., 60 miles north of Minneapolis. It is on its way back to the sheriff’s department in Cambridge, Minn., where it will be reunited with Anderson. The sheriff’s department said it does not currently have any suspects.

Anderson, who was in the training program at Hormel headquarters in Austin from 1957-58, said he got a tip from someone in the Austin area that Blackie was spotted near Dexter last week. As Anderson drove to Dexter in hopes of finding the cow, but was unsucessful. However, he said thanks entirely to media exposure, it was recovered.

“It was the media for sure,” Anderson said. “No doubt about it. The pressure from the media is what found her.”

Blackie is one of several fiberglass statues that Anderson, a Bloomington resident, has showed off in parades over the years. It was stolen from his home in early August.